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Get Your Website to Convert Visitors into Patients 24/7

Updated: Apr 29

Today I want to share 3 valuable tips for setting up your website to do the heavy-lifting: converting website visitors into patients, essentially keeping your office open for new business 24/7.

Do you want to get new subscribers and potential patients while you sleep? If the answer is yes, then read on....

#1. Set a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Setting a clear call to action is something that many practice owners fail to implement in their website strategy. This one simple element is an important component on any website if you want to drive users towards a specific goal or action. Ideally the CTA should be highlighted on the home page or a pop-up form with a specific goal/incentive/action that results in a form submission. Some of the best ways to achieve this form submission are by giving away something that's valuable to the patient, think FREE, and they will receive it immediately.

Suggestions include:

  • Newsletter with resources, relevant information, new treatments, giveaways

  • eBook about a topic related to your business (ie nutrition, pregnancy, dental health, natural remedies, eating organic, healthy body + healthy mind)

  • Promo code for a discount on your products/services or a monthly workshop

  • Access to a online portal with videos, articles, helpful resource library

increase website conversions

#2. Set Up an Automated Response

Yes, it sounds great to generate interest and receive new inquiries, but not if you or your team has to personally respond to each request! The answer to saving all that precious time: setting up automations. A marketing automation is an email responder that is 'triggered' when the action takes place. The carefully crafted email will contain the item you have promised and it's a perfect opportunity to share a bit more about your practice, not to mention, a great opportunity to thank them for connecting with your practice. Marketing automation takes a bit of work up front, but has substantial long term benefits: continuous new patient inquiries, building your email list, and satisfied visitors that are building trust in your brand, connecting and engaging with your practice.

#3. Workflows

The next step is adding subscribers into an automated workflow so that they receive a series of informative emails. The content is generated in advance based on the initial action that was taken, essentially nurturing the potential patient for a period of time. Note: This can also be useful for established patients undergoing a longer treatment plan with information related to their treatment (great for patient retention and overall patient satisfaction!) If you don't have technology in place to set up workflows, the next best option is sending consistent email or newsletter campaigns using your email marketing platform and making sure you have included your new subscribers to your recipient list.

The main goal of converting website visitors into new patients can be easily achieved with the marketing strategies mentioned above. Most importantly, you want to stay connected, be viewed as the expert in your field, stay 'top-of-mind' and be the practice they call when they are ready to schedule the service you provide.

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