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Healthcare Online Community for Practice Managers

Join The Practical Moves Community

An exclusive community where healthcare practice managers connect, collaborate, and gain invaluable insights on enhancing their practice marketing.

Get exclusive access to:
Expert-led marketing workshops
A wealth of Tools, Guides + Resources
Feedback Friday gatherings
Social Media Booster Campaigns
and much more, all tailored to bolster your practice’s marketing.
Doors open again on April 1, 2024.

What is The Practical Moves Community?

It's a quarterly community membership designed to:
  • equip you with everything you need to elevate your marketing
  • learn new effective and efficient marketing strategies
  • benefit from the insights of a seasoned medical marketing specialist with over 25 years of experience, who started her career as a practice manager herself.
  • and connect with other practice managers and owners who can provide insight on what has worked, and not worked, for their practice marketing.
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The PMC is a low-cost quarterly membership created specifically to help you take your practice marketing to the next level. At a special discount of $99/month, you’ll learn valuable marketing tips, have access to expert sessions, tools and resources, feedback sessions, best practices and, most importantly, Wendy and her team will support you every step of the way!  
Is this for me?  Yes! The Community is for practice managers who:
  • Don’t currently have a marketing plan or partner to create successful marketing campaigns
  • Have resisted the tasks needed to increase practice visibility because they aren’t sure HOW
  • Have resisted promoting their practice because they lack the foundational strategy to feel confident
  • Have a lot of ideas and could use some guidance and support in the right direction
  • Need a place to post questions and receive feedback from others in the same position
  • Want the ability to inquire with a marketing expert for trusted advice
  • Want to work with a marketing consultant like Wendy, but don’t have the budget for monthly retainer packages at this time.
If any of these sound familiar, join Wendy inside The Practical Moves Community and get ready to welcome more patients in 2024!
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It’s official!
Access to The Practical Moves Community is finally here! 
Join the waitlist for April 2024!

Ready to Move Your Practice Forward?

The Practical Moves Community is a place where you can advance your marketing knowledge so you can recommend the right solutions for your practice.

And, in addition to a great community of like-minded professionals, who will help you grow and learn while developing your confidence in how to guide practice growth, Practical Moves also includes:

➔ Done-for-you marketing (Value $1500)

Inside Practical Moves, we will be launching done for you marketing plans each month to help you build relationships with your patients and grow your practice

➔ Expert Workshops (Value $2500)

We will gather each month to watch a presentation, with topics that will help you learn how to increase your practice’s online visibility, positioning you to impress your team and propel your practice growth.

➔ Networking + Feedback Sessions (Value $1500)

Twice per month you will be invited to a feedback and networking session where you can connect, discuss roadblocks, and work together to solve marketing challenges.

➔ Members only community (Priceless)

This is the heart of Practical Moves, where like-minded practice managers gather to lift each other up, offer different perspectives, share wins, and work together to build something bigger than just one person.

➔ BONUS: Effective Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices (Value $250)

These strategies will help you set the groundwork to get started on amplifying your practices' online presence.

➔ BONUS: SEO Guide and Workbook (Value $1250)

This 12-page guide and workbook will help you highlight your brilliance as an SEO and turn those advances into helping you get more website traffic, increase your patient list, and grow your practice.

I created The Practical Moves Community because I believe that gaining valuable practical marketing knowledge and building relationships is what moves your practice forward.​

I realized that I can only support a certain number of practices each year with my retainer programs and started this community to be able to create an even BIGGER impact - reaching more practice managers and practice owners to help their practices grow!


Practice managers can now come together in a way that not only supports their practice, but nurtures their perspectives in a way that only connecting with other people on the same path can do.

I am so excited for you to experience the power of community, collaboration, and connection!

- Wendy

P.S. Oh, and there’s one last thing.

If you are one of the first 10 people to join the waitlist before 4/1, you will also get…

➔ A free 1:1 Super Session with Wendy Durham (Value $250)

This is a great opportunity to discuss your roadblocks, challenges and marketing ideas.  This 1-hour advisory session is designed to help you with anything to help move your practice forward.


Join The Practical Moves Community today and sharpen your marketing and leadership skills (because you can never be too experienced, or too good, to keep learning.)

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I look forward to connecting with you on the inside!

“Sound Moves Marketing continues to impress us with their knowledge of optimization, and their ability to create digital advertising campaigns that leverage tactics focused on results.”

- Kristen Cutler, Chief Operating Officer, Coastal Orthopedic Associates

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