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Driving Practice Growth with Wix SEO

💡Learn how we use Wix to help you succeed in search.

We've heard this question a lot lately, and so we decided to write a blog post about it:

🤔How does Wix SEO help my practice rank higher on search engines and get more organic traffic?

In 2023, Sound Moves Marketing became a Wix Legend-level agency partner. While we can build websites on any platform, we recommend Wix to our clients for its intuitive responsive editor, extensive business features, and collaborative workspace. Inside the dashboard, the Wix SEO tools enhance our capabilities and arguably, surpass most SEO tools within website platforms on the market today.

Wix SEO Dashboard
Wix SEO Dashboard

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of digital marketing that can influence your practice's ability to generate revenue. Understanding what your audience is searching for (and why) helps you optimize your website so that it appears in organic search results. This increases the visibility of your business online, helps you attract more qualified traffic, and ultimately increase your patient file.

Good SEO comes down to a combination of factors, including infrastructure that allows search engines to seamlessly crawl and index your site, strategic content, plus on and off­ page optimization. Together with our SEO expertise, Wix's strong technical foundation can give your practice a huge competitive advantage in today's crowded marketplace.

Wix's SEO team works closely with leading search engines like Google and Bing to ensure your websites can always be accessed by web crawlers. It's like having an additional technical SEO team working for your business around the clock, monitoring issues and responding to SEO opportunities.

Plus, the backend of all Wix sites are continuously optimized to ensure they stay aligned with Google's technical requirements. This means that with the right SEO strategy in place, your site will be in a great position to secure some prime real estate at the top of Google's search results.

➡️Learn more about Driving business growth with SEO in this free download.

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