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Giving Back, Gaining Visibility: The Power of Community Engagement

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Getting your name and advertising in front of the right eyes takes strategy, creativity, and know-how; that’s what a marketing consultant is for. But what if we told you that the best way to gain traction in your area is to turn the focus on someone else? Sponsoring community groups, volunteering, and organizing a fundraiser for a good cause are all ways to help someone else out while establishing your business as a trusted resource in your locale. Engaging in your community is a great way to give back to your best asset (your customers!) while ensuring they keep you top-of-mind next time they’re in need of the services you offer.

community sponsorships for your practice

Sponsor a 5K A 5K might be the perfect fundraising event, one in which everyone wins: you spread the word about a good cause, raise money for people in need, give folks an opportunity to exercise and possibly reach personal fitness goals, and create a space for a community to gather and support one another. If your business is the one putting on the fun run, you get the added bonus of being recognized as an organization that cares about important causes. You can either charge runners a registration fee to participate, or ask runners to collect sponsorship donations, both of which can go directly to the cause. Make your branded merchandise available at the event, the sales of which can also go toward the fundraising effort; hats, t-shirts, and water bottles are a great bet. Offer a scholarship Let’s face it, college is expensive. Even some private high schools are out-of-reach for many families, but that doesn’t mean talented kids should miss out on opportunity. If it’s within your business’ budget, you can give ambitious students the gift of education by offering a scholarship to local schools. It makes sense to offer a scholarship in your field, but you can also make a general academic scholarship available to students with a high grade point average, an aptitude for the arts, or a certain number of community service hours. Sponsor a local sports team Heading to the big game on a Friday night stirs up nostalgia and feelings of goodwill in a school’s community. But track meets, football games, and cheer competitions aren’t free. You can make a donation to make sure the lights go on and the coaches get paid that day, or you can sponsor the concession stand (arguably the most important aspect of a sports event). Hungry fans may not remember what you served, but they’ll remember you made sure they didn’t go without at the big game. Volunteer Many companies allot one or more days a year to individual community service, wherein employees get the day off of work to donate their time to a good cause. Food pantries, animal shelters, and toy drives all require volunteers, but the hours of need often conflict with typical working hours, so these places are frequently short-staffed. If your business can swing it, offer your employees a full day off for volunteer work, or plan to volunteer together as a staff. Dedicate a space on your website or in your office to showcase the ways in which employees give back. Stumped as to how you can give back? We can help you brainstorm!


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