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Where to Start in Developing a Medical Practice Marketing Strategy?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023


An initial question that comes to mind is how many private medical practices on average are taking this critical first step to marketing? From our experience, it appears that 20% or less of practice owners have an actual layered marketing strategy that takes into account their practice’s increase and decrease in numbers year over year…

Which treatment segments are thriving?

Which ones have decreased from the previous year?

What actions are being taken to drive new patients seeking private-pay or cosmetic treatments?

This may sound like a fairly basic analysis that any sound minded business owner would and should be taking. However, most medical practice owners are also practitioners and spend 90% of their days or more actually treating patients. Unfortunately, as a direct result the business side of the practice suffers unless there is a competent office manager or partner who takes on these responsibilities directly.

On that note, how many private medical practices are really able to boast having synchronized finance and marketing partners who work together towards common business objectives? 10% or less?

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