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Move Your Business!

At Sound Moves Marketing, we’re all about forward motion. Or really, any motion—if you’re feeling more of a side-to-side step, we’ve got you! Our aim is to learn the rhythms unique to your business, so we can help you build marketing plans that best fit your brand. As you can probably pick up on, we see a lot of similarities between dance and marketing. Here are some steps you can take that’ll kickstart your own star turn.

Find the rhythm of your business.

Every business has its own rhythm. The way you talk about your mission, the way you communicate with your customers—it all has a certain cadence, tempo, and “vibe.” Is your client-facing communication upbeat and snappy? Or does it have a more tranquil, even languid pace? Perhaps, if you’re in an industry that seeks to convey competence and professionalism, your rhythm is steady and straightforward, bordering on commanding. If none of this makes sense to you, this is where a skilled marketing team can help: their job is to suss out the voice that best suits your business, and guide you through adding your own unique variations.

Partner up!

Audiences love a solo virtuoso performer, but there’s a different kind of thrill in watching two artists move in unison. A whole chorus line doing those moves is extra impressive! The same principle applies to your business’ marketing program. Gone are the days when you can draw enough eyes with only your direct-mail flyers. Building your client base takes an integrated approach: social media, email newsletters, SEO, and print advertising all work together to deliver your message and get eyes on your business. In other words, don’t let one marketing tool hog the spotlight—at least bring in some backup dancers!

Warm up before you move.

Without a good warmup, a performance can go terribly wrong. Forgoing your stretches can lead to injury, missed steps, and lackluster moves due to tight muscles. When launching a new brand, product, or platform, you risk a similar outcome if you forgo the trial period. Testing is the name of the game, whether it be on a small sample of clients, industry peers, or your mom. Unvetted marketing ventures gone awry can result in frustrated, disgruntled customers—your business’s equivalent of a pulled muscle. For reference, think of the latest ad campaign that landed a little awkwardly for you; did you find yourself thinking, ‘Did anyone else see this before it went live?’” Don’t commit that faux pas: warm up before you spring into action.

Don’t be afraid to learn new steps.

Right now, we’re seeing businesses across all industries pivoting to meet the needs of their clients in the face of new and unprecedented challenges. You, too, may be finding yourself in the position of having not only to add new steps to your routine, but learn a whole new dance! The sound moves that carried your business through better times may feel wrong against our changing backdrop, but that’s what a choreographer is for! In this case, it’s a dynamic and forward-thinking marketing team whose purpose is to teach you all the moves you need to know to carry you through the next stage of your business. You can feel comforted in the fact that everyone around you is learning new steps too!

Take the leap and contact Sound Moves Marketing today.

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