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Medical Marketing Tip#9: Patient Newsletters

Updated: Apr 22, 2020


Your patients have friends, family members, and co-workers who will all need your services at one time or another. Who will they refer them to?

If you’re not keeping your practice name in front of your patients and nurturing your relationships with them, why should they direct their referrals and repeat business to you?

Patient Education via Patient Newsletters Providing your patients with education on topics that are pertinent to them is a critical part of patient engagement. Too often, patients feel disconnected from your practice, isolated from the information they need. By nurturing your clients just as you’d nurture a new lead, you’ll ultimately receive more referrals. Which, of course, equals more revenue. Here’s what you need to do to get results:

  1. Constant communication is the key to generating more referral patients, motivating your patients to continue their care, and return to accept previously diagnosed treatment.

  2. Personalize content with patients’ first name for more personal approach.

  3. Just by keeping in touch you can reduce your patient attrition, reduce your cancelled appointments, and increase your referrals! This happens because 69% of the patients that quit coming to see you quit because you didn’t keep in touch and educate them on the importance of their health.

Promote Products, Services & Upcoming Practice Events Newsletters are a great way to let patients know about products and services you offer, which is a very effective way of encouraging patient inquiries and increasing revenue. By offering special promotions, updating patients on upcoming events, or just sharing a personal thought, you are engaging your patients, maintaining relationships, and avoiding communication gaps that cause inactive or uninvolved patients.

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