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Time for a New Website?

Time for a refresh? Think of your website as the front door to your practice.

Are you closed for new business? Or are you ready to invite patients in for a long-lasting relationship? What does the virtual front door to your practice look like? Just like your brick and mortar office, your practice website occasionally needs a new door mat and fresh coat of paint.

When you consider that 80% of people look for healthcare information online, it’s even more important that your practice website is looking and performing at its best. How many patient relationships are you missing out on by not being optimized for patients searching online? How many potential patients reach your website and then keep searching because it looks a little stale?

As you browse the internet, have you ever come across an outdated website? We do, quite often, and it rarely makes a positive impression. Sometimes we’ll see practice websites that have a “patient newsletter” section, and then when we click on it, we see that the most “recent” newsletter is three years old. What do potential patients think when they see this?

If you have a dental newsletter, blog or website that has not been updated in months—or worse, years—your potential audience is going to wonder whether your doors are still open, and they may question your professionalism or commitment to excellence.

On the other hand, regularly updated, informative content demonstrates not only professionalism and a commitment to excellence but it positions you as an “authority” in your field. A regularly updated blog also boosts your site’s search engine rankings, meaning that more people will find your website and, ideally, contact you.

If your day-to-day responsibilities limit the amount of time you have to focus on content marketing, delegate marketing duties to a key staff member. Or better yet, outsource your marketing to a trusted marketing company. Don’t let your marketing efforts stop just when you’re building your audience!

Regular repetition of your message will make you the go-to person when someone needs treatment.

In addition to attracting new patients, a well-maintained, up-to-date practice website helps you establish your brand. With the right look and content, your website can reinforce your practice as the best option for care in the area.

Is it time for website remodel? Check out some of our most recent designsWhen you’re ready to get started, contact Med-Marketers at 978-239-9715.

About Wendy Hamel

As co-founder of Med-Marketers, and serving as Director of Client Programs, Wendy is directly responsible for guiding creative strategy and overall execution on client services for the company. Wendy has over 15 years of marketing and management experience serving technology, healthcare and retail. Prior to Med-Marketers, Wendy was the Director of Marketing at RAID, Inc. where she was instrumental in developing brand awareness and business development programs that helped the company transition into new markets and exceed vertical revenue goals. For the last 5 years, Wendy’s direct focus has been practice consulting and strategic marketing for orthodontists, orthopedic surgeons, plastic surgeons, dentists and primary care physicians within the Greater Boston area.

Her areas of expertise include patient file development, field marketing, online marketing, public relations, social media strategy, web design, SEO and collateral design.

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