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Marketing your Medical Practice in 2014 – Tip #6

Keep Your Name in Front of Patients and Referrals

It is estimated that it takes five or more encounters with your practice’s name for it to be recognized. Your name should appear anywhere potential patients would look. That means at least the minimal listing information in all the appropriate categories of various publications, including the local phone book, online directories, online physician-listing services and search engines. Free-standing office signs are one of the most effective marketing investments, if the location allows it. Clever roadside signage that changes often is an added benefit to catch the attention of potential patients driving by your office.

Twice-yearly mailings to patients and local residents is also very effective and an absolute necessity if you have opened a new location. Your practice’s name, address, phone number and website should also appear on every single piece of paper that leaves your office. This includes all those patient-education pamphlets, which would otherwise be generic pieces of information doing nothing to promote your office in the case where a patient passes them on to friends.

Every patient should leave your office with a piece of literature at every visit. Quality education pamphlets regarding treatment should have a label or stamp with your contact information. Custom-made practice brochures should be available in the reception area and examination rooms.

Referrals Made Easy Take it one step further and add a patient referral form to the back page of your office brochure. Send a practice representative over to your referring physician offices to drop off brochures and brochure holders to make it as simple as possible for your information to be displayed.  Call or stop by with more materials every few months. While you are there, you could drop off fresh custom mouse pads and pens with your office information, ensuring that your practice is “top-of-mind” with the referring office staff all day long.

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