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5 Offline Marketing Tips to Boost your Online Presence

Now that the world is opening up to take a collective breath of fresh air, it’s time to regroup and reconsider your marketing strategy. We’ve compiled this list of offline marketing tips to help your practice gain more visibility – both in person and online. As community events begin to reappear and participants are eager to engage in larger events, it’s time to redesign your marketing strategy to fit this brave new world.

Step 1: Get Involved

Community involvement

It’s time to find new ideas and ways to get involved in your community – local organizations will be thrilled to hear from you!

  • Local Sponsorships

  • Theater productions

  • Local Sports Teams

  • Race car sponsorship

  • Running race sponsorship

  • Summer concerts and seasonal events

Leveraging Your Community Involvement Online

1. Create Engaging Material - Create engaging material for the organization to interact with online: photos, blogs and social media.

2. Obtain Links:

  • Request a link back to your website from the organization you sponsored - an easy referral since the friendship has already been forged!

  • Can be as simple as a hyperlink or detailed as a logo, photo or a static web banner on their site.

3. Spread The Word on Social

  • Let the people involved or in attendance at the event know about you to gain traffic and engagement on your site and social profiles.

  • Tag yourself in photos

  • Comment on photos

  • Mention the event on your blog

  • Check in on Facebook/Instagram

  • Share a fun memory

STEP 2: Give Back

Charitable Work

  • Supporting charitable causes

  • Neighborhood cleanup volunteering

  • Big brother/sister program

  • Soup kitchen volunteering

  • Nursing home or hospital visitation services

  • Smile For A Lifetime program

Leveraging Your Charitable Work Online

1. Charity Promotion

  • Here’s an example of how to integrate this into your everyday practice.

“For every orthodontic patient that chooses pink elastics during October, we are donating $1 to Breast Cancer Research! And, for every LIKE or FOLLOW we obtain during the month of October, we will also donate $1 to the cause. Thank you to all of our patients and fans who have supported the cause already!

  • OR - Run a charitable promotion tied into social media – example: every LIKE you get on social media you will donate one dollar to charitable cause.

2. Press Content

Create content material for social media.

  • Take pictures

  • Write a blog

  • Write a press release

  • Take a video of event


Local Events

  • Block parties or community social events

  • Ice cream social in the office or office parking lot

  • BBQ/picnic at the park

  • Sports events or tournaments

  • Informational meetings (lunch n' learns) at the office

  • Child education programs

  • New parent education programs and seminars

How To Leverage Your Events Online

1. Article Distribution

Create content, such as a press release, about the event and submit it to local newspapers, school bulletins, local sites... always with the goal of a link back to your site.

2. Incorporate Social Media

Always incorporate social media content into the event.

  • Create a hashtag for people to submit content

  • @ mention on twitter or Instagram to be automatically entered to win something

  • Post flyers on social sites to promote events


The Importance Of Your Online Reputation

  • 82% of patients and healthcare consumers said that reviews influence their willingness to be treated by a doctor.

  • 50% said that good reviews could encourage them to choose that doctor.

How To Build Your Online Reputation Offline

1. How To Solicit Reviews

  • Engage your email list to solicit reviews

  • Use word of mouth with every patient – hand out small postcards after every visit

  • Hang signage/flyers in the office

  • Never Be Afraid To Ask For The Review

  • Educate the office staff so opportunities aren’t missed

  • Know your patients – ask the patients that love you first!

2. Rewards Program

  • If you have one, working reviews into your rewards program is a great way to incentivize patients – example: if a patient leaves a review provide them with rewards points or discounted services

  • Never buy reviews!


Brand Ambassadors

Leverage your patients as a marketing channel for you because they have built in networks of friends and potential customers. Get them talking about your business so they will spread the word.

How To Transform Your Patients Into Online Brand Ambassadors

Use your patients to promote your practice for you...

  • Encourage the audience to tag themselves on social media

  • Encourage them to have fun at your office and share online - i.e. check in, take selfies

  • Ask patients to add a “life event” on Facebook – i.e. “I got my braces removed today!”

  • Start an album on social media of all the “happy moments” in your office and encourage the patient to tag him or herself while they are in the office

  • Encourage patients to share a TikTok post of them when they get their braces off or on. Ask to share on your social accounts.


Let Your Business Shine!

  • Humanize your practice, let its personality shine

  • Put a face to the name of your practice

  • Make new friends and potential collaborators in the community

  • All these things are awesome, but promoting is key: know local reporters, DJs, community organizers - people who are the connectors, promoters and transmitters

  • Constantly talk about your events, your social profiles, your website/blog, and how patients can get involved and interact

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