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Why I Started My Business

First off, thank you so much for taking interest in Sound Moves Marketing -- in case you haven't seen our case studies/free training video (that we just launched!), you can check it out any time by clicking the link here.

This Is What The Video Covers (on top of case studies, free training & our process):

1. The Proven Process to get new patients consistently each month

2. The Big Mistake most practice owners make with communicating their value

3. The Exact "Power Tasks" you can use now to get new patient inquiries every day

Why I started Sound Moves Marketing:

So much of the info out there is fluff when it comes to marketing your medical practice (not all, but most!) and practice owners tell me that they feel like they've become "accidental entrepreneurs" and have become overwhelmed with all the options (ie social media, ads, SEO, website....the list goes on and on). They want to focus on their SPECIALTY - not running a business. What usually happens next is that they follow their colleagues' advice and hire large companies with cookie-cutter options where they end up feeling like a number. Still sort of feeling left in the dark and 'hoping' that the content is resonating with their patients.

Sound familiar?

So I started Sound Moves Marketing with a mission to help practice owners with a personalized approach to their healthcare marketing by combining the proven strategy I have created and implemented with clients over the last 10 years. The most important thing to me has always been maintaining our hands-on, personalized support.

Because most doctors don't want to be working on marketing automations and how to increase their ranking on Google. They want to focus on what led them to becoming a practice owner in the first place - serving patients with their specialty! Practice owners need marketing support, impact, AND proven strategy without the fluff. So I am on a mission to bridge that gap :)

So I appreciate you reading this and I hope the training video alone adds a ton of value to you!

But more importantly, if you watched the video and you're serious about scaling your practice — apply for your free strategy call with me here to see if/how we can help you.

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